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MBA Consult is ready to support clients and partners: invest in the acquisition of NPL portfolios

MBA Consult is ready to support partners – provide them with the liquidity and help to dissolve reserves by purchasing NPL portfolios.

Most financial companies exist due to active lending to the population, this is the money circulation. If the mechanism fails, it will be difficult for companies to recover. There are outstanding loans on the balances, the volume of lending is decreasing rapidly, reserves for losses are growing, but there is not enough cashflow to ensure healthy functioning at preferred volumes.

Perfect storm

The current situation is a challenge for economies and all businesses without any exception. It is like a perfect storm…

For now, under quarantine, we are in a situation of uncertainty. Many people understand that they will lose their business, some hope for recovery. But we can’t fully assess the situation. We are squeezed in the framework, and this does not add optimism. Everyone understands that a lot of things will change. When the quarantine regime ends, it will become clearer what challenges we will face. The usual business chains are collapsing, will they recover? This question is difficult to answer unequivocally. Sooner or later, yes. But no one knows how long it will take.

“MBA Consult is a large global debt collection agency. I am confident that we will overcome the crisis. I can’t say that it won’t affect us in any way. We will have to rebuild many business processes and adapt to the new reality. Our business involves many risks, we soberly assess the situation and forecast different scenarios. In my view, this is the right time for businesses to start thinking about what awaits at the end of the quarantine, how and where to move next, ” said Viktor Vodenko, the Global CEO of MBA Consult.

In the financial sector, many companies have already faced unfavorable situation: the level of lending is rapidly declining, people are losing their jobs and cannot pay for loans, while the credit vacations guaranteed by governments will negatively affect the balances of financial institutions. Not all financial market players have reserves to maintain business stability.

Group’s Investment plan

“We are negotiating with some partners: business situation is very difficult; companies were not ready for this turn. But who was? In 2020, our Group plans to make significant investments in the acquisition of non-performing loans in accordance with the strategic development plan for the region. In February, we acquired a large portfolio in Indonesia, in March, we made a deal, and by the end of this month, we will close another large deal with a very important player in the Asian region. We have a number of other deals planned for the nearest future, ” – shared Mr. Vodenko.

“We have a vision for the post-crisis future – out team has calculated all the risks we will face, and determined the next steps for the Group’s development. Since February, we have been actively preparing companies to work remotely. We are not the only collection company that continues working in Asia, but we were the first ones to understand and address the circumstances very quickly. We have an excellent security system, modern technological solutions, and a well-developed contingency plan, so we have not interrupted the companies’ activities for a single day, but on the contrary, we are ready to process large volumes of cases. At the moment, we are ready to support our partners and clients by purchasing NPL portfolios, thus helping them to survive and not to lose their business in the region,” – said Mr. Vodenko.

M.B.A. Consulting Philippines

The Philippines branch of MBA Consult Group is one of a very few collections agencies in the market, who were able to maintain business as usual even in the times of the enhanced community quarantine. This allowed the company to give a supporting hand to the respected partners. Nowadays, several big players in the market decided to cease down lending and collection processes to support the citizens. As a result, this is negatively affecting their cash flow. To get back on track with their budgets, lending companies are looking into opportunities to sell their NPL portfolios. M.B.A. Consulting Philippines is one of a handful of reliable partners in the market, who can support them by organizing collection process for portfolios that the Group is able to purchase.

“M.B.A. Consulting Philippines, although being relatively young in the market (editor: the company was launched in November 2017), was able to obtain the reputation of a reliable and stable partner for some largest country’s credit providers. We were able to set up the operations in an innovative and unprecedented manner. We are performing collections different from everyone else in the market. Our processes are mostly digital and involve deep analytics in organizing the workflow. We are supported by the Group in technical points. This, together with the team’s commitment and discipline served us as a backbone to maintain BAU collection processes once the lock down was announced.

Our branch has an experience of working with purchased NPL portfolios for almost 2 years already. Since some of our partners are currently looking for an opportunity to sell their NPL, we as a Group are participating in the bidding. There is always an opportunity in every situation. It’s just a matter of perspective and capitalize on strengths rather than focusing on the problem. In this trying times, the market will surely bounce back and would need a partner who they can rely on to make up for the loses. For Philippines as the world gets darker, the more we should shine even brighter. This is an opportunity for us to let the industry know how capable and competitive we are as a partner. As a branch, we are prepared to receive huge volume of cases and immediately start working on it, We have the technology, we have the infrastructure and even better we have the right people. ” said John Gerald Mangalindan, the CEO of M.B.A. Consulting Philippines.


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