MBA Cares. PAAngarap Program

MBA Cares. PAAngarap Program

MBA Cares is a corporate social responsibility program of M.B.A. Consulting Philippines, its primary objective is to organize the sustainability efforts to comprehensive programs by the support of our employee resource group. The purpose of MBA Cares is to make a positive social impact to our society.

Not a single human lives in isolation. Neither do companies. Humanity is in charge of making our world better, and each single small contribution counts. M.B.A. can provide its employees with an

opportunity to bring something good to those society members, who might be less lucky than we are. This is a gateway for the team members to realize their voluntary potential, and the impact they create by simple sharing of time and emotions. Social responsibility programs create benefits for both sides. Money can’t measure what people’s souls can do. Moreover, during such events, the special bond is growing between employees.

Mary Anne, HR Associate: “It’s a great idea to get involved with other people and organization to foster relationship and connections. For me, MBA Cares will play an important role to do social good on behalf of the company. We promote volunteerism among employees by dedicating some of the company’s time and resources to donate in partnered community.”

In the Philippines, there is PAAngarap program (or Tsinelas Drive) – it was founded on the intent to help the selected community kids to get a better footwear by sharing our love through our souls. M.B.A. Consulting Philippines took part in this program. On September 21, we launched the 1st activity of MBA Cares in Barangay Lambac, Cardona, Rizal.

Rema Taguiam, Assistant Team Leader: “I joined MBA Cares 2019 to connect with others. I feel more rejuvenated after giving back to the kids. It feels good when you see smile on their faces. The culture of giving back offers something even better than engagement, it builds passion.”

John Mangalindan, CEO: “This is our first activity of MBA Cares. Our company is growing rapidly, we want to share our successes and help those who need our participation. This year we took part in the Tsinelas Drive program and visited the children in Barangay Lambac. We are planning to launch such events every year.”

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