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#MBATRIOrrific: Celebrating its 3rd Anniversary in the midst of Pandemic

This year was indeed challenging as we all had to go through with the biggest world outbreak, but because of the Global Synergy we have, MBA Consulting Philippines were still able to continue the business and provide jobs to people.

MBACPH swiftly adapted to the changes brought about by the pandemic. We have best individuals and infrastructure which is designed to run collections action in an automated environment via remote and doesn’t require physical presence in the office during communityquarantine scenarios.

In the past 3 years of MBA Consulting Philippines, accomplishment and milestone has been acquired despite of being start up in the industry. Above all, our clients recognized MBACPH as Rookie of the Year in External Debt Collection Agency and Best External Debt Collection Agency in Philippine collections industry.

With continuous recognition for employees’ contribution, appreciation day was also celebrated on the same day of the 3rd year anniversary of the company. Through this initiative, we acknowledge everyone’s effort, trust and support to the company.

A lot has changed since the outbreak has started. However, our core values and goals to serve our people and clients remain the same. Thanks to all employees who trusted and continued to work hard for the company despite of pandemic.

A great and TRIOrrific journey indeed!


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